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About us

Heiress Salon & Boutique is locally owned. We offer premium salon services and world renowned Aveda products.

While visiting us you’ll enjoy a relaxing Aveda stress relieving scalp treatment or hand massage during your hair services. Our guests experience the natural scents of the Aveda hair products that will refresh and relax, giving you a revitalized look.

Front Street, Penticton has been our home for the past 12 years.  Our location is truly original and full of natural light, it is an artist’s heaven. Whether you’re interested in knowing the latest trends or looking for some R&R, we have your prescription. Our stylists pride themselves on crafting hair cuts to suit individual characteristics. Heiress works in an environmentally responsible manner and we are conscience of our footprint on  the world.


meet the team



Born and Raised in Penticton BC, Lindsay Ellis began her career in 2005 in Vancouver


BC, studying the art of hair at the renowned John Casablancas Institute. Driven by a never ending passion for education, Lindsay continued on and earned her Business Administration from BCIT, and has also studied under the Vidal Sassoon Academies.

Following her heart, Lindsay moved back to her hometown of Penticton to open her own Aveda Salon - Heiress in 2008. Having been established as a Penticton fashion and style destination for over a decade now, and holding the title of “Best Salon” in the South Okanagan, Heiress is fuelled by Lindsay’s tireless pursuit of new ideas, new knowledge, and amazing people.Gaining inspiration everyday from her own team and customers, Lindsay continues to expand her education as she learns from industry leaders and mentors from around the globe.

Behind the chair, Lindsay believes that precision cutting and adherence to every detail has been the hallmark of her practice and reputation. Having received the coveted Ace certification from Aveda, Lindsay has the freedom to pursue what she enjoys most - educating and mentoring all levels of stylists in the Okanagan region, and ensuring they always have a challenging, uplifting, and inspiring place to work.

Enjoying the natural wonder and beauty of the scenic Okanagan with family and friends, you will find Lindsay sipping and eating on the wonderful flavours of local culinary delights.



Kyli has a special place in her heart for Aveda; this is her second Aveda location.


She's passionate about animal welfare and loves that Aveda is cruelty-free & environmentally conscious. Kyli can't be without her much-beloved hand relief - she keeps one everywhere! Kyli is a crucial asset to the continued success of Heiress Salon.

She is grateful to be working with such talented stylists. These ladies don't ever stop short of making her day with continual laughter and fun after-work activities. Her easy-going demeanor attracts peers to unleashing their unique underlying qualities. Kyli's attitude and constant support for the past four years has heightened our daily standards and has helped create the culture at Heiress, that we live by today.



Aleesha Cooper has worked with Aveda at Heiress for 5 years. She joined the team right


out of hair school. She fell in love with working for Aveda because of their uniqueness, their care for the world and their passion in making a difference.

Her biggest passion in the industry is creative work. Taking new approaches to things, and recreating them to make them her own. Aleesha has taken education from Geno Chapman, Lupe Voss, as well as Sasoon education. These are some of her biggest inspirations.

Aleesha’s love for hair comes from her background. Both her mother and grandmother were hair stylists and owned a salon. From a very young age she would be in their helping out, and from there her love grew.

The Heiress team has become Aleesha’s new salon family. She loves the teamwork and constant surrounding inspiration and gratitude everyone has for each other.



Shawna began her career in 2008 at the Aveda Institute in Victoria, BC. She loves


coming to work every day and is truly inspired and motivated by the Heiress family that surrounds her.

Throughout Shawna's career she has continued her education with training from Aveda and Vidal Sassoon.

She believes in creating beautiful hair to suit each of her guests and their lifestyles.

With a background in skincare and makeup, Aveda has given her the opportunity to make her guests feel great about all their hair, skin and makeup needs.

Shawna's day would not be complete without her nourishing Aveda lipcolor or her air control hairspray!



Cassidy moved to the city of Penticton at age 18 to follow her love of hair and attend the


Okanagan Cosmetology Institute. Upon completion of her program, Cassidy joined the Heiress team in 2013 looking to sharpen her technical skills and fuel her creative enthusiasm.

She immediately thrived with her dedication to ongoing AVEDA & Vidal Sassoon education, coupled with her own experiential learning. Cassidy has built a profound name for herself through her persistence and ever-evolving professional development including perfecting haircutting, colouring, and styling techniques.

Cassidy loves enhancing her guests features and prides herself on providing a quality, enjoyable, experience with every service. She loves to laugh, hum to the salon music, and enjoy each day - Cassidy truly enjoys living in the moment, her team, and her guests at all times.

Similar to several of her team mates at Heiress, this caring young lady spends much of her time in the Okanagan wilderness and surrounding area - both relaxing and adventuring. Cassidy loves her weekends away as well, embracing all the experiences that nature offers.



Michelle Lawson was the little girl who brought friends home on the bus, ushered


them straight to the bathroom, and would fulfill any hairstyle request asked of her - with the kitchen scissors of course. Every time Michelle saw a hairstylist during her youth she was mesmerized and inspired, and was committed to becoming one of the people she looked up to.

Upon graduating top of her class at Okanagan Cosmetology Institute, Michelle began her career at Heiress Salon and immediately broadened her skills through the caring and comprehensive mentorship program at Heiress. A strong believer in consistent education, Michelle has attended multiple Aveda classes, as well as a memorable trip to Toronto for a 3 day Vidal Sassoon precision cutting class.

Michelle loves the outdoors, health, fitness and self improvement. She is very passionate about bettering herself daily and expanding her mind. She loves learning new things and other people's perspectives on things. Michelle believes the more interaction you have with people, the more you can learn from them and even learn about yourself which is why being one on one with guests is a huge bonus of her career.



Rachel began her hairstylist career in 2016 at the Aveda Institute in Calgary. She has since


then moved back to the beautiful town she grew up in, Penticton.

Since being back the Okanagan she has taken many courses to further her education with Heiress Salon, such as travelling to Seattle to a two day cutting course with the Vidal Sassoon Institute. Rachel's passion from hair came at an early age, as she used to do her sisters hair. She also believes in that hair can make you feel invincible- whether it's the right colour or cut, as long as you feel fabulous in it, nothing else can bother you. Some of Rachel's best memories so far at Heiress would be all the classes that she's taken as there is always room to grow no matter how new or senior you are at your craft. Rachel loves working at Heiress because she gets to be surrounded by beautiful empowering women daily. There's always questions being asked between one another regardless of your seniority as everyone has a different mindset on how you can better your clients hair. Rachel's favorite Aveda products would be the entire Invati line which she uses religiously, as it's proven to help with thinning fine hair, and volumizing tonic - because who doesn't like some extra volume?!



Irene started her hairdressing career in 2017. She is Native to Brazil, she was taught, at a


young age, that quality and dedication are mandatory to succeed in a country that competition is always at your heals.

It's that quality of work, in her daily practice, she demands from herself. Heiress Salon provides the platform for her never-ending urge to pursue her dream of hairstyling. The mentorship at Heiress elevates her knowledge and standards to a level of precision that she can be proud to offer her services to any guests that sit in her chair.


 We love getting to know you

 Our stylists pride themselves on crafting hair cuts to suit individual characteristics.